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«insert inspirational quote”

— someone

Welcome to this blog, you are now reading my soon to be famous blog. Please subscribe and like my blogpost so I can #BeatPewdiepie.

I don’t know why I’m here, I was told to make one for school… maybe I’ll become an influencer now.

My name is Sebastian Eide, I am 17 years old and from Norway. (aka I am a VIKING). I have now been told that this blog will be about what we learn about in school, so look forward to many blog posts this year.

Please don’t follow johannesosborg also known as “Ridder Reddik”, but do follow annasandvik known as “SLAM”

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  1. You call yourself a viking, but live in Ålesund and can be described as a broom.

    Ps. You are the best, and I aspire to be like you. I have liked and subscribed so you can #BeatPewdiepie


    1. I am NOT a broom, and at least I don’t live in Sykkylven and could be described as a rake
      BTW thank you for being a loyal follower.

      Please like and subscribe so I can #BeatPewdiepie


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